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The Service

Most advertising or marketing campaigns are typically under a tight schedule. We can help with that. Most video content can be produced within 24 hours. Additionally, if you are needing to stay within a specific budget, we will work with you to make that happen. 


The Knowledge

Digital Signage Media offers its customers help with consulting.

We will show you the best practices to use when displaying video so that you keep your target audience intrigued and informed.

We explain how video content can be used for other areas of marketing, social media, web,

email blasts and television.


The Content

Making compelling, entertaining and relevant content to suit any market. If you are wanting to give an existing campaign a fresh look or create a whole new campaign, using Digital Signage Media can take you to the next level in advertising. Stunning content using video, motion graphics, 3D animation and photography is our winning combination.



Digital Signage Media understands your needs. Our parent company McMahon Advertising Design Inc. 

design team has worked with many clients in the hotel casino industry, restaurants, private to franchise plus retail and point of sales. We understand the need for getting your message out to your target audience with content that is not only eye-catching but specific to growing a companies revenue. Knowledge of cross selling and promoting your product is what we know best. 

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